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The Alegria is a Cirque de Soleil show. It’s touring in the Northwest region now. The show is full of classic performances and famous soundtracks. Alegria means happiness in Spanish based on the Merriam-Webster. It also means joy in Spanish based on the Spanishdict. We often wish someone “joy and happiness”. What is the difference between joy and happiness?

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When I watched the show Alegria last week, the big tent was filled with laughter for two hours. The blizzard scene with the clowns is a great illustration of joy and happiness. When I was in the blizzard made out of tons of tiny pieces of tissue paper, I couldn’t resist from reaching out and catching the paper snowflake. I laughed when I saw other audiences in fancy dresses covered with tissue paper. The special effect was engaging and funny, and I felt happy. Then the whiteout started to settle, and I could see the stage again. The two clowns who separated after fighting each other before, were now holding hands fighting the storm together. They were lost but now found. They were broken but now reunited. The clown act brought smile to my face, and I felt joy.

When we were in San Diego, I took my toddler to visit the Railroad Museum. She liked the choo choo trains, such as the Thomas & Friends. In the museum, we checked out the miniature trains and railroads, and played with hands-on activities. We were happy. Afterwards, we chilled out in a courtyard at the Balboa Park. It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon. No other visitors in the courtyard. I let my daughter playing by herself in the grass and with the flowers. I soaked in the sun sitting on the edge of a fountain. She waddled back after roaming around, climbed up and rested on my lap. In that moment, I was filled with joy.

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Happiness is outward like a good laugh. Joy is inward like a knowing smile.

Happiness is predictable like a storm, e.g. watching a classic circus show. Joy is unforeseeable like a rainbow, e.g. discovering two broken souls amended during the storm.

Happiness is tangible like a kiddo playing with her favorite toy. Joy is sublime like cushioning my baby by the fountain in the sun.

Wish you joy and happiness! Or simply, te deseo Alegria!

Further readings: Happiness vs Joy, and from Billy Graham: their difference. Last but not least, here are the music video of the Alegria theme song with the lyrics.

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