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Ocean fishing

United States and China are similar in size. But the lengths of their coastline are quite different. United States is ranked #2 while China is ranked #11 based on the World Resources Institute. China has 9000 miles of coastline in total. While in the United States, just the Pacific coast is 7600 miles long. Thanks Alaska!

For residents close to the Pacific coast, there are many ways to enjoy the coastline. My favorite activity is ocean fishing. Last Sunday, I got up at 3am, drove two and half hours to Westport, went ocean fishing for 10 hours and drove back home at 7pm. My family and friends devoured the 2 lingcod and 7 rockfish in a couple of days. It is not easy to find fresh fish at the grocery stores. But they are way more delicious, especially when cooked with skin and bones.

If I could, I would go ocean fishing every weekend. It’s called fishing, not catching though, because there are slow days. However, even when fish don’t bite, the nature can take my breath away. Sunrise on the ocean alone worth getting up early. The endless horizon and fresh air clear my mind every time.

Besides the tasty treat and natual beauty, the ocean also surprises me often. In the spring and early summer, we are greeted by humpback whale sometimes. Dolphin sighting just makes everyone happy. Seals are our regular competitors. And sea lions often welcome us back to port.

Ocean fishing is a real sport. Reeling up a ten-pound fish from two-hundred-feet deep is a workout. If you still don’t believe me, check out the Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel. The ocean can be rough and unpredictable. But the captain does a great job servicing the charter boat, preparing anglers for safety and checking the weather forecast.

Thanks to the charter boat captain and deck hands, usually the anglers caught their limits for the day. For first timers, check out the helpful information at the Westport Charters. For convenience, the Deepsea Charters provides availability and booking online. There are several other charters at the Westport, WA. Of course, there are other fishing towns along the vast coastline. So, let’s go fishing!

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